Chopped hemp biomass for CBD/CBG extraction


You can now purchase Hemp Biomass in small quantities. Instead of buying white label or private label products you can now select  individual batch and quantity of quality EU Certified RAW materials.

You do not have to have an extraction facility. 

We have got partners that will extract and manufacture your products in small or large quantities.

Get in touch now to discuss your needs and see potential savings and benefits you get by going direct to RAW Hemp Biomass producer.

Be in control of your product quality, get to know people behind it, and ultimately – offer your products directly from a farm to your  customer!

Hemp Biomass for sale is available from 50kg to 200+ tonnes.

Why trust us:


To produce THE BEST quality product, we pay so much attention to every single process the hemp goes through. The method and temperature used for drying, may have a considerable impact on the quality of the resulting plant materials. Moreover, drying can promote changes in product appearance (colour) and smell, which will ultimately impact the final quality.


All bags have a label with a unique number, weight, producing date and other relevant information. Although we prefer to pack into big bags, we can accommodate your requirements regarding smaller packaging.


To ensure THE HIGHEST QUALITY Hemp biomass for our customers, we have developed OUR OWN machinery for material separation. Together with our experience, it allows us to produce biomass, that is of exceptionally high quality, without seeds and stalks in two different fraction sizes (up to 2 mm and up to 1 mm).


This is a crucial part for pricing and trust between us and our clients. Test results can vary depending on the sample (selection and preparation), therefore we are as much transparent as possible. We can complete tests required by the client or deliver samples for own inspection and testing.